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Window Treatment Selection Mistakes To Avoid

Window treatments are one of the most integral parts of a beautiful home, but they're also one of the most easily overlooked. When we think about window treatments, we might picture elegant curtains and drapes that frame our living room windows or functional blinds that keep out light during the day. But if you want to get creative with your window treatments, you can go well beyond these basic ideas.

For example: Are you thinking about the color scheme in your bedroom? If so, consider how your bedding will look under a large window that's currently just letting light in—and not much else. That's why curtains (or even blackout panels) might not be an ideal choice for this type of space; instead, consider something like heavy drapery on rods (similar to what is used for traditional windows). This way when it comes time for sleep you can simply pull them closed—no need for additional bedding or coverings!

Don't just think of your windows as visual gaps.

You're not just looking to let in light, but also to see views. If you have a large window facing the street, consider covering it with a patterned or colored shade. On the other hand, if you have a small window on the side of your house and a view of the backyard, opt for something that will allow more light in without sacrificing privacy.

Consider how your window treatments will function all day.

When you're selecting window treatments, it's important to think about how they will function all day. Many people focus solely on the aesthetic value of their window treatments and forget that they must be functional as well.

In particular, this means considering how your window treatments will look and function in the morning, afternoon, and evening hours. It also means thinking about whether or not your windows need protection from heat or cold in the winter or summer months.

Don't just think of window treatments as design accessories.

Don't think of window treatments as design accessories. They also play a huge part in the temperature control of your home. Most curtains come with a thermal lining that helps insulate against heat loss in winter months and heat gain in summer months. This means that if you want less air conditioning usage during those hot summer nights then investing in some blackout curtains could be worth it!

Don't neglect to visualize window treatments as you plan your interior design.

When you are choosing window treatments, it is important to visualize them in your room. You should take the time to see how they look with your furniture, window, and light.

Be deliberate about window treatments.

When selecting the perfect window treatments for your home, it's important to consider both the style and function of your windows. Your selection process should involve some introspection about what you want from a window treatment: do you want something that will complement your room décor? Do you want something that's easy to clean? And so on.

There you have it, our list of window treatment selection mistakes to avoid. We hope that this article has helped you to identify some areas of your home where window treatments could be improved, and perhaps taught a lesson or two about the importance of planning ahead! As we said before, window treatments are a lot more than just pretty drapes; they’re part of an overall design strategy for making your home look its best from every angle.

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