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What Are The Different Types of Grout?


If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing around online deciding what type of grout is best for your tile, you may or may not have felt a little confused on what the difference between each kind is. Don’t worry! You’re not alone!

Let’s start with the basics of grout and then we’ll dive right into the significant differences between each kind and what works best for the job at hand.

Grout is known as a cement-based bonding material used for filling the joints between each tile piece. The space between your tiles is called a “grout joint”.

Grout joints require sealing and proper care to prevent stains and discoloration over time. They are a very absorbent material so it’s important to keep them as clean as possible with proper care and maintenance. If they’re properly cared for, your tile and the grout in between will be easier to keep clean and free from stains and will have a better appearance overall!

Here are the different types of grout options you can look for when looking to install new tile.

1. Epoxy Grout:

Epoxy grout consists of an ‘epoxy resin’ and hardener. This grout is highly resistant to stains and is made to last with its durable strength. It’s most commonly used with countertops and other areas of homes that are most susceptible to stains.

2. Finely Sanded Grout:

Finely sanded grout is most often used to flooring tiles that have joints 1/8’ to 3/8’ wide.

3. Unsanded Grout:

This type of grout is usually found in wall tiles with grout joints that are thinner than 1/8” wide, such as backsplash tiles.

4. Quarry Grout:

This grout is a coarser grade of sand material of the grout. The quarry grout is found in joints that are about 3/8” wide to 1/2” wide.

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