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Top Trends in Flooring: 2021

At Norman Floorcoverings, we understand that floors make the heart of a beautiful home. They’re made to flow throughout and bring you from room to room with their design. Ease style and look gives a home its very own unique feel, from lush hardwoods to beautiful warm carpets and tiles. In other words, your floor choice is one of the most important choices you make when designing your home or working your way through a remodel.

So what styles are people choosing most when it comes to floors right now? Let’s take a look at the most popular flooring trends so far in 2021.

Engineered hardwood

Topping the list is engineered hardwood and for good reason. Life happens and that means durability is a must for homeowners these days. If you have pets or little ones at home then you know no floor is 100% safe from destruction. However, engineered hardwood is going to be your most durable option. They’re both beautiful and durable which is definitely a win-win in our book.


Yes, you read that right, concrete flooring is currently trending as a top flooring option. While it used to be most known as a cold, unappealing, and less than welcoming floor design, it’s made a comeback. With new colors, materials, and applications, some designers say it’s become one of the hottest floor options around. If anything, it’s definitely durable and pet-friendly which is always a necessary option to consider.

Mid-tone woods

Light colors and dark hardwoods, it’s time to move over as mid-tone options are trending to the top of the list these days. Medium tones of hardwood flooring are the best of both worlds when it comes to showing less dirt and their undeniable beauty.

Laid patterns with tile

Different types of patterns that pop are “in” this year! From unique hand-painted tiles to decorative designs of all colors, shapes, and sizes, these different types of laid tile patterns are most popular when you’re looking to shake things up around your home or business.

As always, when it comes time to replace the flooring in your home, our team at Norman Flooring would love to help! Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Contact us today by calling (870) 673-2199! We "make magic happen" at Norman Flooring in Stuttgart!

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