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Splitting Up is Easy to Do: But what happens when you have to split up your flooring?

Mixed flooring

You’ve just moved into your new house. The hardwood floors are gorgeous but as you move from room to room, you notice the hardwood has suddenly turned into tile. What gives?

Here's some advice:

When you start to mix different types of flooring in your home, there are a few things to consider. First, the transition between the two types needs to be handled with care. It's important that you don't take a step from hardwood into the carpet or vice versa and stumble over what feels like an invisible edge. The second thing to consider is how you layout each type of flooring in terms of room size. You can use hardwood in the dining room and tile in the bathroom if desired; however, they should not be placed directly next to each other unless they're already close enough together (i.e., no more than 6 inches). This maintains continuity as you move between rooms and prevents any confusion as to whether you're still on hardwood or not.

Transitions are important to consider when planning for flooring in your home. Rather than choosing different types of flooring for different rooms, think about how the flooring will transition from one style to another.

When planning for flooring, think about the transitions from one room to another. Rather than having a sharp contrast between different styles of flooring or materials in different rooms, make sure that the transition is smooth and seamless. This will prevent an abrupt break in your design scheme; it will also make the rooms flow together more seamlessly. Please don't choose two different types of wood for two different rooms; instead, choose one type of wood throughout your home and use different finishes on each piece to create a cohesive look throughout your house.

While it may be tempting to choose a different type of flooring for every room, keep in mind that it is often more visually appealing to have some sort of continuity between rooms.

For example, if you have hardwood floors throughout your house and decide to replace your stairs with carpeting, try to find something that matches the color or style of your existing hardwood floors. It will help give the illusion of a cohesive space where everything belongs together.

Questions on flooring for your home? Reach out to our team today! We would love to help!

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