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Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

Home Decor from Norman's in Stuttgart

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about the decorations, decorations, decorations! You can’t decorate your house for the holidays without a plan and we would love to help you get into the seasonal spirit!

Here are some helpful tips to help you design your home for the holidays.

The Living Room

Arrange furniture to create space for family and friends to gather. Consider whether or not there will be additional chairs needed or even tables to host dinner.

The Dining Room

Create a table that is festive and welcoming. You can do this by adding festive table pieces and decor to each seating arrangement.

The Kitchen

Keep the kitchen organized and well-stocked. Remember, there will most likely be more than normal "hands in the kitchen" so consider making room as needed to accommodate the extra help this time of year.

The Bathroom

Make sure your bathroom is stocked with toiletries and towels in the event of a guest needing to use it.


Consider what your guests will need from bedding to blankets.


Add a little flair to spruce up this space by putting up a wreath and a tree in the front hall.


Creating a Cozy and Warm Atmosphere

Consider your home’s architecture and layout. What can you do to make it a little cozier? Installing a fireplace, extra blankets, and indoor plants are all good ways to create a cozy atmosphere.

Colorful Decor

There are many ways you can incorporate color into your home without going overboard. One option is to use a single color as a backdrop behind the tree or as a focal point on a piece of furniture.


Candles are one of the most popular holiday decorations because they’re affordable, easy to find, and can be used in a variety of ways.

If you're looking to upgrade things in your home such as area rugs or window treatments, we would love to have you stop into our warehouse at Norman's! Come on in and browse around or just stop in to say hi to our design team!

Happy decorating!

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