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Mixing And Matching Cabinets With Flooring

Mixing and matching cabinets with flooring can often be a confusing process. Do you have wood flooring or do you want wood flooring? What about tile? Concrete? Should I put tile in my kitchen or maybe laminates will be better? Do I need to install hardwood in the kitchen? The list of questions is endless, but don't worry. This article will answer all your questions and more.

When choosing cabinets, you want to stick with neutral wood tones. This will allow your flooring to be the focal point of the room, and make for a more cohesive look overall.

If you like using a contrasting cabinet color, use it sparingly or in an area of high traffic so that it doesn't get damaged as easily.

Use white cabinets in small kitchens where they won't be visible from all angles and can be brighter than they would be if they were black or brown (which tend to have quite dull colors). For larger kitchens, dark cabinets are good because they will contrast with light floors better than lighter ones would (and vice versa). They also show dirt less easily since they don't absorb light very well compared with lighter-colored woods such as oak or pine.

It's All About the Wood

Wood is a great choice for cabinetry because it comes in an array of colors and hues. From maple to walnut, cherry to mahogany, there’s a wood that will fit your home décor and style. If you're looking for a natural-looking option that brings timeless beauty into your kitchen or bathroom, wood is the way to go.

If you're stuck at this stage of the remodel, ask yourself what kind of tone do I want my space to have? This can help narrow down which materials will work best with the overall design scheme of your project.


  • Use the same material for both the cabinets and flooring. This is a great option if you have a lot of money and want everything in your kitchen to look cohesive, but it can be challenging if you're trying to go with a budget.

  • Use a contrasting color for both the cabinets and flooring. This is another option that keeps things simple, but it's also not as expensive or time-consuming as using matching materials or colors while still getting good results!

  • Use contrasting materials for both cabinets and flooring, but different colors from each other (like wood vs tile). This one will give your kitchen an exciting look without being too overwhelming at first glance; it'll also help keep things interesting over time as you change out appliances or accessories around them over time because there won't be any glaring similarities between those items and these ones either!

Patterns and Shapes

If you're looking for an eye-catching look with a different kind of pattern, you can find any number of flooring options that will work well with cabinets.

Here are some popular options:

  • Checkered floors. These are the traditional option and they can bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your kitchen or dining area. Tile designs in black and white are common but other colors like red, yellow, or blue will also stand out against dark cabinetry.

  • Patterned tiles. Tiles with patterns like stripes, plaids, and even polka dots can add interest without being too busy for your cabinets' style. Avoid very large patterns unless they match the scale of your cabinetry perfectly—too much going on may distract from each other too much!

  • Hexagonal tiles (also called honeycomb). These hexagons create another fun pattern that works well with many different cabinet styles as long as it's large enough not to feel lost among them (you'll want something bigger than 1"/25mm). Try combining this style with other types like checkered tiles around the perimeter so they don't compete directly against each other while still adding visual interest overall since both styles have similar shapes when viewed closely together at full size--which would be impossible without making one much bigger than the human scale!

Mixing and matching cabinets can be easy.

Mixing and matching cabinets can be easy. If your flooring is hardwood, then you'll want to use a cabinet that complements it. A great way to do this is with the same wood. If you're using laminate or tile, using an accent color on your cabinets will make them stand out nicely in contrast with the flooring material.

Now you have the option to choose from a wide range of cabinet and floor options to get the perfect kitchen look! If you want more information or want to know what would be best for you, contact us today at (870) 673-2199. We are there to help you, so give us a call and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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