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Is it Time for New Flooring? 7 Signs to Look Out For

Do you need new flooring? Have you ever wondered how to know when it’s time for new flooring, but aren’t sure how to address this? For many homeowners, deciding to replace their current flooring can be an overwhelming task. There are many factors to take into consideration like the style of the room, any problems with the current flooring, the amount of traffic in that room, etc. You don’t want to invest in a costly new floor only to find out you don’t really enjoy the look either.

What should you do?

Below are some signs that can help you identify if it is time for new flooring in your home.

Reason #1 Look for lifting or bubbling of the existing flooring.

Reason #2: Floorboards should be level and even.

Reason #3: The floor looks scratched, dented, or scuffed beyond repair or resurfacing.

Reason #4: Carpet is worn at the edges and fraying.

Reason #5: Discoloration throughout the flooring.

Reason #6: Professional cleaning isn’t enough.

Reason #7: Remodeling for resale or just for a fresh new look.

Purchasing new flooring will instantly breathe new life into any room in your home, without breaking the bank. Call us today to set up a FREE consultation with our design team and let’s get renovating!

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