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Cleaning Slate Backsplashes

YIKES- Thanksgiving was not kind on your kitchen backsplash. Splats of turkey grease, dressing, and maybe a little wine made it all over your kitchen while you were cooking up a storm for your family. We are here to help you with the easiest way to CLEAN your slate backsplash. It needs to be looking brand new and ready for your crazy Christmas season in the kitchen!

  • Use a toothbrush or scrub brush to clean. Because slate backsplashes usually are not sealed, grease gets deep into the slate itself rather than just on the surface.

  • Use dish detergent, like Dawn, and some warm to hot water for your cleaning solution. Add a couple of squirts to one bucket of water

  • Test on an inconspicuous spot before scrubbing the entire area to be sure you do not damage your slate. Let it dry before deciding whether it is safe to use.

  • Scrub your slate backsplash with the soapy water and a scrub brush, if all goes well in Step 3. Dip your brush into the soapy water frequently while scrubbing.

  • Rinse with a clean, wet rag to remove any remaining soap residue.

Are you wanting to upgrade your backsplash before your Christmas festivities begin?! Call the professionals at Norman Floorcovering in Arkansas County!

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