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Best Home Renovations To Do in the Fall

Norman Floorcovering Home Renovations

What will you be doing in the coming fall months? You may be planning to renovate or remodel your home. If so, you’re in luck! This guide will show you what to do for fall home renovations. From painting to flooring, to repairing and installing new furniture, this guide covers it all!


-Siding is one of the most important exterior parts of a home because it protects everything inside. It’s also the part of a home that's most likely to be damaged by external elements.

Interior Painting

-Painting your walls and trim is just the beginning. There are many other surfaces in your home that can be painted in order to freshen things up.

Hanging Pictures

-Hanging art on your walls is an easy way to make your home feel like more personal space.

Cleaning or Replacing Your Carpets

-The best way to clean carpets in your home is with a professional-grade machine like a steam cleaner. If it's time to replace your carpet, we're happy to help! From new carpet styles and designs to hardwoods and tile, we are sure to have something great to choose from that will be the perfect addition to your fall home projects!

Cleaning or Replacing Your Blinds

-Cleaning the blinds on your windows is an easy way to open up more light, and you'll also notice that they'll look much cleaner! If your blinds have seen better days and cleaning isn’t enough to give them the look you’re hoping for, consider replacing them! We have plenty of affordable options in-store to shop at Norman Floorcoverings in Stuttgart!

Fall is a great time to do home renovations and projects because you’ll have the time to complete the project while it’s still mild outside and more than pleasant inside too.


Norman Floorcovering in Stuttgart Arkansas

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