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Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Window Treatments

Window treatments are an important part of your home's thermostat control, and the benefits of temperature-controlled window treatments can be hard to see. In this post, we'll explore how windows affect your home's energy bill and what steps you can take to make your house more comfortable.

A window is a big source of heat gain in the summer.

The reason for this is that your window is a big source of heat gain in the summer, and a major source of its loss during winter.

In fact, windows are so big that they account for more than half of the heat gain in your home during the hot months. They can also cause considerable fluctuations in your energy bills year-round.

A window is a big source of heat loss in the winter.

When the weather gets cold and you turn on your furnace, you may be surprised at how much of your heat is escaping from the windows. While windows are obviously an important part of keeping the sun out in summer, they also allow a lot of heat to escape in the winter months. This is especially true if you have large or tall windows without any covering (like shades).

In fact, according to this report by Energy Star: "In houses with no insulation added to outer walls and no caulking or weatherstripping, 50 percent of all energy loss can occur through windows." That's an incredible amount!

But it's not only about how much heat escapes through your windows; it's also about how much sunlight gets into your home in the wintertime—and that affects both comfort levels and energy bills. In fact, according to this same article from Energy Star: "Leaving curtains closed during daylight hours reduces heating costs by 10%."

Protects your floors, furniture, and paintings from UV damage.

UV light is a type of radiation that can damage your skin and furniture. It can also damage paintings, artwork, and other valuables you may have in your home.

UV-blocking window treatments are made with special materials that won't let UV light through. They block harmful rays from getting through to where you live so that you don't have to worry about damaging anything important inside your home!

Keeps the room quiet by blocking outdoor noise.

One of the most underrated benefits of temperature-controlled window treatment is that it blocks noise from outside. If you live in a noisy area, this is an excellent option for reducing the sound in your home.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to soundproofing windows and doors. If you live in an area where there are few noises outside, then consider adding insulation to keep external sounds out of your home as well as keeping heat and cold out!

We hope this article has helped you to understand the benefits of temperature-controlled window treatments, and how they can help you save energy and money in your home. If you have any questions about which products are right for your needs, please contact us today! We'd love to talk with you about our products and help find the perfect solution for all of your window covering needs.

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