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5 Reasons to Choose a Hardwood Floor

Norman Floorcovering

If you're debating the benefits of a hardwood floor, you're probably familiar with the advantages of wood. But did you know that there are also benefits to choosing a hardwood floor over other types of flooring? Here are five reasons why you should consider a hardwood floor for your next renovation project.

Style - Hardwood floors can be stained, sanded, and refinished to be any color you want. The wood can be stained with a variety of different colors or left natural. A very popular way to achieve a unique look is by using a distressed finish. With this technique, the wood will have some knicks and scratches on the surface which add character to the floor.

Environmental - Hardwood floors are made from a renewable resource; trees.

This means they offer a sustainable alternative to other flooring materials like carpets which contain petroleum products.

Durability - Hardwood floors are tough and durable. Hardwood floors are more scratch-resistant than other types of flooring like carpet because the grain is tightly packed together and less susceptible to wear and tear. It is also naturally water-resistant which makes it easier to clean any spills or messes up quickly without getting into the cracks of the wood which could lead to permanent water damage.

Cost - You can get the same effect from hardwood floors as carpet for less money.

The initial cost of hardwood is higher than carpet but it lasts much longer as well as requiring less time and money in maintenance costs over time. That means your investment will pay for itself over the years!


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