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5 Factors to Consider When Installing New Carpet

Carpet Installer in Central Arkansas

When was the last time you updated the carpet throughout your home? For most homeowners, it’s most likely been years, if ever. That’s because for the most part when the carpet is well taken care of, it lasts for quite a while!

If you’re in the market for new carpet flooring, here are 5 important factors to consider before you make your purchase.

  1. You’ll need to think of where you’re installing the carpet. Most homes typically have carpet in the bedrooms more so than anywhere in the house. So, you’ll need to consider the traffic and durability of the type of carpet you’re looking to install. Do you have kiddos or pets? This will be a significant factor in determining the best texture and weight of the carpet that will outlast spills or potential damage with fur babies roaming.

  2. Don’t skimp when it comes to the underpad layer to your new carpet. While this doesn’t seem like it should be as important of a factor, it couldn’t be more critical to the durability and lifetime of your carpet. That’s because it is that all too important extra protective barrier between your carpet and the bottom layer of your flooring. When in doubt, get thicker just in case!

  3. Make sure your measurements are correct before you place your order. Here at Norman Floorcoverings, our team makes sure to always consider a little extra square footage to be sure every inch of your flooring is covered accurately.

  4. Quality installation is everything. We take each and every one of our installations as a top priority and will be sure that we answer all of your questions, making sure to get the correct and best measurements for your carpet and give you our estimated timeline to ensure it works on your end.

  5. Think of the transitions. A transition is a flooring separator throughout a home or business where tile or hardwoods meet your carpet. You’ll want to consider where those transitions might need to be and how you’d like them to look.

If you’re looking to check out what your carpet flooring options are with the Norman Floorcoverings team in Stuttgart, give us a call at (870) 673-2199 to book your free consultation!

We "make magic happen" at Norman Flooring in Stuttgart!

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