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4 Common Wood Flooring Tile MYTHS Debunked

Wood floor tiles are a very popular choice for homeowners who wish to add a unique decorative element to their homes. However, their popularity also means that there are a lot of myths surrounding the installation of wood floor tiles. Confused by conflicting information you find online? Here's the lowdown on four common wood tile myths debunked.

Wood flooring is expensive

Wood floors are the choice of many homeowners because they are actually more affordable than other flooring materials.

Hardwood flooring doesn't last as long as some other flooring

Hardwood floors are durable and can last for over 60 years with proper installation.

Wood flooring is hard to clean

A few good cleaning products and a little bit of time can go a long way in making sure your wood floors are always looking their best.

Wood flooring scratches easily

While it is possible for wood floors to scratch, it is relatively easy to find a finish that will protect the wood and keep the scratches at bay.

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